Would You Stay in This Open Air Hotel in the Swiss Alps?

The future of the hotel industry is here, and it has no walls nor does it have a roof. Well, at least that’s how the people at Null Stern(or Zero Stars) see things. Their wall-less hotel opened in 2016 and has been a raging success ever since.

The open-air hotel consists of a double bed, a couple of lamps and no toilet (the nearest one is a five-minute walk away). What’s all the fuss then?

Well, the wall-lessness of Null Stern isn’t its only feature. The trio wanted to strip back the hotel experience, quite literally in fact, and redefine the “stars,” not through a glitzy hotel building but instead through “each guest and his/her experience,” Charbonnier says.

So, during your stay, you’ll be pampered by a “Modern Butler” who takes care of your every whim, from picking you up at the train station to serving up a delicious breakfast in bed while you enjoy stunning 360-degree views of the Swiss mountains. The Butler retires to a nearby log cabin when he’s off duty.

Your own personal butler | © Null Stern

“We received reservation requests from all over the world, and we were sold out within a few days. We currently have more than 2,000 guests on a waiting list.” Daniel Charbonnier told The Culture Trip. Charbonnier’s one of the co-founders of Null Stern, alongside Frank and Patrik Riklin.

Charbonnier explained that they’ve broken the mold of the tradition hotel, which is often marked off into business visitors or vacationers: “Our guests come from all horizons, social status and origins.” What unites them, he said, is the desire to be part of the experience.

The three co-founders show off the wall-less hotel | © Null Stern

The hotel sits 6,463 feet above sea level in the Swiss Alps, and there have been requests from all over the country to open up more open-air hotels. “I can promise you that we will be where you don’t expect us!” said Charbonnier.

If you’re dying to brave a night outdoors in the Swiss Alps, an overnight stay costs CHF295, but, be aware, that waiting list is lengthy. Contact Null Stern here to book or register your interest.

By Sean Mowbray

Source: Would You Stay in This Open Air Hotel in the Swiss Alps?