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10 amazing pictures of abandoned places

Do you know that there are some places in the world that people abandoned a long time ago, thus leaving the nature for reclaiming them in the entirety? Most of them create the landscape that both fascinates and scares visitors, so they are worth your attention.

These abandoned places allow people to take a look at the sights of the possible future when the entire humanity stopped to exist. There are many images that can help you consider the future of this planet and different places left abandoned by people. Here, we do not want to treat the seriousness of this matter lightly, and we really want to share the beauty and mystery of these abandoned places worldwide. Check these stunning sites and think about serious matters.

Old castle ruins


This place in Portugal attracts many viewers with its mystery and ruins that have a lot of history to tell them. Ask it to tell you its story.

Abandoned church


You can find it in Detroit and its look says that it was visited by many people in the past. No one knows what happened to it and why it became abandoned.

Crystal mill


This picturesque landscape is in Colorado and it’s full of bright colors and natural beauty. You can invent your own story about its decaying.

Abandoned railway tunnel


There are many popular places in Paris, but only a few people know about this forgotten tunnel, which is taken by the nature nowadays.

Sintra well


This Portugal place looks fantastic, but it was forgotten by people a long time ago. It still fascinated visitors by its mighty and beauty.

Ghost town


Belchite is a ghost town that was ruined during the Civil War in Spain. It can tell people a lot about the negative effects of wars.

Forgotten house


This abandoned house is in Norway and it seems lost among hills and forests. In the past, people used to live in it, but now it’s occupied only by trees.

Stranded ship


Its skeleton stands in County Louth, and you can find it in Ireland. This ship had a bright history, but now it rests on the shore.

Lonely church


This French church looks really abandoned, and the state of its floor proves that it wasn’t attended by perishers for a long time, but it still looks fascinating.

Stairway to Heaven


This stairway located in Hawaii was quite popular in the past because it thrilled people by the feeling of walking on the sky. These days, it’s completely forgotten and keeps deteriorating, which is sad.
Source: 10 amazing pictures of abandoned places | Unique World