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4 Reasons To Travel Solo This Summer

4 Reasons To Travel Solo This Summer

4 Reasons To Travel Solo This Summer

You, yourself, and maybe a suitcase.

Summer solstice has officially come and passed, so if you are waiting for a sign to get off your lazy butt and officially kick summer into full session, this is it. However, your friends are interning and working at some office, and the others are stuck in summer school while you are left to your own devices at home.

The biggest standing problem in that, or so you may think, is that the long list of desired places to visit is met with a blank list of people you can actually go with.

The solution is so simple, how could you have missed it?

Just travel by yourself.

Now you may stop and think that this could possibly be the worst idea. But you may just discover that it is indeed the best one yet because of these individual pluses that you have never taken into account.

1. Follow nobody’s schedule but your own.

Want to sleep in till brunch and grab late coffee at the street vendor downstairs? No one’s stopping you. Traveling solo makes every trip so much less stressful because you are not only allowed to go at your own pace but you also just spend your time doing the things that you want to do. You will not have to worry about losing anyone in the crowds because there will not be anyone for you to lose. On top of that, room for any drama and unnecessary theatrics that increase the pace of your white hair growth will not exist.

2. Learn to be independent and reliant on yourself.

Without the safety net of someone filling in to save you, you are called to face your own weaknesses. You find the strength to tackle challenges head on with confidence. Without the constant support and presence of friends and family around you, you learn that being alone is a-okay and that you can conquer the world with your own two feet.

3. Be more inclined to befriend and meet others.

In comparison to when you are by yourself than when with others, you are more willing to put yourself out there past your comfort zone. It is just how social interactions go. You are more open and likely to be vulnerable around others when you do not have people around you serving as your protection and barrier to strangers.

4. Have a rejuvenated and refreshed state of mind.

We are constantly being surrounded and bombarded by people, whether at work, at school, or even just in social settings. When you have the chance to travel by yourself, all these distractions and social pressures fall away as you learn what it means to be you. Not only do you gain new perspectives on life and on how you see the world, but you also learn to cherish yourself and face your innermost demons. You are finally able to put yourself before others and really take the saying “Treat Yo Self” to a whole other level.

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