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Discover Krubera – the deepest cave in the world

Can you imagine yourself visiting inner Earth? Krubera is the deepest cave in the world that offers this unbelievable opportunity because it’s deeper than 2000 meters. This dimension makes it the deepest and craziest point to explore on the planet because it offers visitors the entrance to its inner space.

Interested in its cave passages? Their length reaches more than 13000 meters, and the deepest explored part (Voronya) reaches almost 2000 meters. Today, Krubera is still the only one on the planet with the depth over 2000 meters. That’s why people often call it Everest among caves. Does it sound scary?

This amazing destination is in Arabica Massif, Abkhazia (Gagra Range), and there are 2 divisions or branches of this amazing cave: one is 1300 meters deep and the other more than 2100 meters deep. It’s worth mentioning that they also drop into a few smaller slopes.

Basically, the first known data on the incredible depth of Krubera appeared only in 2004. That’s because several expeditions in this region get varying depth records, but they all agree that they found a cave with its depth over 2000 meters. It was the first time in our history when it happened, which is still unbelievable.

Here, you can learn and enjoy the most interesting and important moments of this unique exploration that introduced the entrance to our planet.

1960: Explorers based in Georgia found Krubera. Unfortunately, they managed to reach only 180 meters of its true depth.


1980: Expedition with Polish and Russian explorers discovered 3 new caves in this mountain system.


1999: The Ukrainian Speleological Association organized a special expedition, and Kasyan was its leader. This expedition made its important breakthrough in the deepest cave because its two divisions were discovered at a depth of up to 250 meters.


2001:  The same associations further explored Krubera to 1700 meters depth, and this expedition made it the deepest known cave.


Many talented explorers from different European countries, including the UK, France, Spain, Ukraine, and others took part in this unbelievable venture.


2009: Kasyan’s group succeeded to explore Krubera more than 1500 meters further.


2012: Finally, a group of outrageous explorers decided to learn more about this unique cave, and a completely new depth (2197 meters) was reached by Samokhin.

Source: Meet Krubera – the deepest cave in the world | Unique World