Say you had to live on an island with no internet, no phone, and no electricity for six long months. Could you do it? Would you last the full term or go stark raving in a matter of days?

It’s one thing to leave your phone behind on vacation for a week, but six months? A half year without Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, ESPN, and all the rest?

It sounds like a recipe for the kind of peace and quiet that inevitably leads to boredom, right?

Like, the level of boredom that leads a person to sort their gummy bears by color or throw parties for their pet fish.

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Or maybe in that six months on an island, you could practice up your gnarly wakeboarding skills!

Mind you, nobody would be able to record your sweet moves and post them on YouTube, so what would be the point?

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seen how these “stranded” scenarios can play out.

And, frankly, as long as no emergency dentistry is needed, I think I could handle having a volleyball for a friend. As volleyballs go, Wilson was a good dude.

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That said, things could take a darker turn depending on which six months you’re spending there.

Summer might be fun, but winter? Well, winters have been known to make people a little…stir crazy.

So, could you do it? Would you last for six months on an island, with no internet, no phone, and no electricity?