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How to avoid stomach problems in India

How to avoid stomach problems in India –  tips and advice how to avoid getting sick in India.

While we are prancing about, bathing in the beauty of India, there are always those little concerns on our mind. One of the most major concerns for foodies in India, is avoiding the Delhi Belly a.k.a food poisoning, vomiting and diarrhoea. To experience the most of India on your trip and to avoid catching the tummy bug, here are a few tips and advices on our India travel blog  how to avoid getting sick in India:

– Do not drink the water from the taps 

The water from the taps is not potable. Do not at any cost use the tap water to cook or drink as the water is not purified and often contains high amounts of mineral deposits (hard water). It is the first and the most important tip how to avoid stomach problems in India!!!

Avoid ice in all drinks as the source of water is unknown.

Bottled drinking water is available for cheap in every shop for a minimum of ?10 (approx. = ¢10).

An alternative is purified water that is retrieved from RO (reverse osmosis water filter system) units in households and restaurants.

It is safe to gargle tap water, but it is safer to use drinking water for this purpose too.

– Wash your hands

Although this may seem very obvious, it is a task that travellers often fail to remember. As a tourist, we visit many places and touch many things that are not always clean. So it is important not to forget to sanitise one’s hands frequently.

With the planet suffering from a water shortage, it might be more advisable to use a sanitiser, rather than water all the time. Sanitisers are also available in every pharmacy in India. Read more stories on our India travel blog and get ready for your tour individual tour in India.

– Be careful about Street food

The hygiene of food trucks in India cannot be guaranteed. Even the ingredients involved cannot be guaranteed.

Having been exposed to street food since a very young age, Indians have built their immunity system to withstand street food. So although a food truck may have several customers, that does not guarantee its safety.

As a tourist, street foods like samosas and jalebis, and other chaat items may seem very tempting, but it is not worth the risk. Such food can be found in better restaurants as well.

Packaged items that are available on the streets are often hygienically processed, such as chips, savoury snacks, and ice creams.

Moreover, it is very safe to drink piping hot and soothing chai and coffee from the roadside sellers who store freshly boiled milk in giant steel flasks or double-boilers.


– Choose a decent restaurant 

In most cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai, the air-conditioned restaurants always indicate higher standard and quality of food.

It is best to choose a restaurant with English-speaking staff and clean tables.

For the safest and most scrumptious meals, there is no better option that 4 or 5-star hotels, or hotels in designated posh areas, such as Hauz Khas, Khan Market, and Shahpur Jat in Delhi. How to avoid stomach problems in India? Choose a clean place for your meals – India boutique tour operator will make you a list of nice places to eat. Stay fit during your private India tour!

At Nomaday Travel, you can also enjoy all kinds of unique cuisines from all over India that is as perfect as home-cooked food. What’s more, you can also try your hand at Indian food cooking classes!


– Eat ‘safe foods’

Although Indians love fried foods, avoid consuming food that contains too much oil, especially at night. It is advisable to use clean tissues to absorb the excess oil in some food items.

Also, avoid foods that contain too much water, such as Pani Puri (an Indian street snack).   How to avoid getting sick in India? The answer is easy: look for hygienic places to eat!

The safest food items to have in India are Roti and Dhal (Indian bread accompanied by mildly spiced lentil stew), and Idly (steamed rice cakes).

– Fresh food safety

Most of the fruits, vegetables, meat and fish sold at markets are fresh. However, it is advisable to choose all the products personally, to ensure that you are not cheated by the vendor.

It is best to avoid sea food in land locked cities. However, Goa, Kerala and Kolkata are only few of the examples of coastal areas that serve a brilliant, fresh, sea food cuisine. India boutique tour operator advice to avoid eatting fish products in metropolitans and hilly areas, enjoy your meals in towns near the sea!

Usually, a lot of pesticides and wax is used on the outer coverings, so wash the fruits and vegetables thoroughly, and even consider peeling them before consumption.

When buying fresh fruit juices, or coconut water, trust the juicer – they always know which fruits taste the best. Ice, which maybe added to the juice, may not have a trusted source, so you can ask the vendor for details if you would still like to use ice.


– Avoid the masala!

Instruct the waiter regarding the amount of spice to be added and ask for the basic ingredients, especially if there are certain specific food preferences involved. Dishes containing the following words are commonly quite spicy:









– Eating on the Train

Even Indians refrain from consuming meals offered in the trains or the stations. It is best to carry food from outside while traveling by train. Some railway companies, like Shatabdi, provide excellent, hygienically prepared food, but this may not always be the case. Traveling with a boutique tour organizer solves this problem by ensuring the availability of quality packed food in the best railway services offered, for your comfort.

– Curd, Yoghurt, Buttermilk, Lassi, Raita

In case of an emergency, curd is the best to cool the digestive system, after an Indian Meal. Have a cup of curd, Buttermilk, Lassi (sweet or spiced yoghurt-based drink), Raita (curd-based side dish that usually accompanies Indian rice and bread), or curd rice, to settle your rumbly intestines.

– Visit a Doctor

In case one is afflicted with a case of food poisoning, immediately visit a local doctor, rather than relying on European medicines or the advice of pharmacists. The best services are provided in big hospitals, such as Apollo or Fortis care.

Keep yourself safe and follow tips  how to avoid getting sick in India- how to avoid stomach problems in India and travel with our India boutique tour operator to prevent mishaps on your enjoyable vacation! Read our India travel blog and prepare your self for your customized tour in India.

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