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Man Travels World Gives List of Top 12 Must Do Travels

Meet 41 year old Gunnar Garfors, whose face is plastered all over social media as the youngest person to have visited each of the 198 countries on planet earth. Being an ardent wanderer and adventure-junkie, he’s put together a list of the 12 most desirable destinations in the world.
Here are his recommendations for some much needed bucket list inspiration.

12. Romania – Garfors loved the castles mountainous terrains and the iconic Dracula, along with Bucharest’s parties and the awesome beer.

11. Madagascar – World class gourmet options and coastlines full of lemurs and trees makes this a hit on Garfor’s list.

10. Iceland – A stunning geologically endowed landscape (think hot springs, natural geysers and snow) make Iceland a surreal destination.

9. Vietnam – Friendly people, good street food and vibrant floating markets make Vietnam is must visit according to Garfors. Don’t skip visiting Mekong Delta.

8. Kyrgyztan – Multi-hued markets, poetic scenery and amiable folks makes Kyrkyztan another splendid bucket list must have. Gorgeous girls and top class vodka, what more do you need?

7. Kiribati – Minus bells and whistles, Kiribati wows visitors for its delectable seafood, unmatched hospitality and relaxed vibe. Look beyond the civilization pockets, and devote some time to explore it unhurriedly.

6. New Zealand – The adventure capital of the world is known as much for its natural beauty (golden beaches and lush meadows) as for its adrenaline soaring activities.

5. Nicaragua – The sheer diversity, including world-famous surf spots, diving destinations and stunning natural beauty makes this desirable inclusion on Garfors’ must do list. He advises you against ordering a Cuba Libre at a bar here.

4. Sierra Leone – This isn’t a bucket list regular, but Garfors swears by its idyllic beaches, charming village communities and perennially smiling folks. Don’t visit expecting fancy infrastructure. Its basic and beautiful.

3. Dominica – Unexplored beaches, fertile rainforests, dramatic volcanoes and boiling lakes make unassuming Caribbean island a must visit in Garfors’ opinion.

2. Norway – He vouches big time for the spectacular beauty of Norway’s West Coast and Northern belt. The mountains, fjords, picturesque villages and waterfalls are guaranteed to leave you speechless. Not to forget – the ethereal Northern Lights and midnight sun.

1. Uruguay – That low profile nation juxtaposed between Argentina and Brazil is still rather unexplored according to Garfors. There’s something about the relaxed and exciting people here that wins his heart.

Source: Man Travels World Gives List of Top 12 Must Do Travels | Just Go Vacation