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Map Showing What people Hate The Most In Each US State!


For those of us not in relationships, being single is pretty difficult. Everyone around you is either getting into relationships or maybe even getting married. But hey, it’s 2017 and it’s all about the dating apps. It’s a love-hate relationship with all those dating apps.

“Hater” is the latest one and it matches people that essentially hate the same thing. It’s a new spin on all the regular dating apps that are out there. Signing up for Hater takes a bit of your time, but it’s entertaining.

Before you get access, users are asked to swipe-up for Love, right for like, left for dislike and down for hate on a selection of 3,000 issues including politicians, celebrities, companies, etc. This is done to detail the user’s profile.

After looking at what people were entering, “Hater” decided to gather all the information that its users have provided and created a map.

This map essentially shows an overview of what people hate the most in each US state. It’s pretty interesting to see the different things that were chosen.

For example, the map reveals that Alabamians hate vegetarianism or that people from Nevada hate feminism and New Hampshirites hate God.

#2 Daily MailA representative from “Hater” told HuffPost that the app offers users over 3,000 topics to swipe on. Once a user has logged a number of likes and dislikes, the app finds you a match.

The company told HuffPost that they have actually been keeping tabs on what their “few hundred thousand users” in the U.S despise.

This map shows that those who live in different states hate completely different things. We’ve mentioned a few up top, but this is what people in the Midwest and South hate:


As for the West Coast? According to the map, they absolutely hate going to the gym, gluten-free food, N’Sync, sand, etc. This definitely makes it more entertaining than just swiping left or right.

Source: Map Showing What people Hate The Most In Each US State