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NASA Is Ready To Drill Into Yellowstone In Order To Save Humanity!

Many experts believe that the Yellowstone Supervolcano is a ticking time bomb waiting to explode. The area spans across a majority of Yellowstone National Park which encompasses three U.S. states that include Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana. NASA is hoping to change the fate of humanity with a new theorized drilling project.

 The project in question plans to drill into the earth’s mantle, and inject the crust with highly pressurized water, which should begin cooling the underbelly of the supervolcano, and hopefully stem any activity which might lead to an eruption.  The plan is proving to be quite costly, with a price-tag of up to $3 Billion USD.

According to NASA, the plan should pay for itself over the long run, as a great deal of heat will be siphoned to the surface and instead of wasting it, they hope to sell it back to Americans in the form of geothermal energy.

At the heart of the park, the Yellowstone Caldera is the largest supervolcano in the world.

The plan itself will not involve drilling into the magma chamber, as breaching it will cause an eruption due to immediate depressurization. Instead, NASA plans to drill deep into the mantle beneath, avoiding the chamber itself.

Yellowstone National Park is a hotbed of geothermal activity, a diverse ecosystem of wildlife and is one of the first national parks in the world.

NASA believes that just cooling down the magma chamber by as much as 35% will be enough to reduce the threat of eruption.

Source: NASA Is Ready To Drill Into Yellowstone In Order To Save Humanity