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On Top of Europe: Exploring the Swiss Alps

Located in central Europe, is the small mountainous European country, Switzerland. Made up of 26 cantons and bordering three countries (France, German, and Italy), Switzerland is an intersection of Germanic and Romance Europe. Despite being a country of only 8 million people, the country speaks German, French, Italian, and Romash.  For visitors who want to experience a sampling of Europe in a single country, Switzerland is an excellent choice. Still, regardless of region, Switzerland is known for its gorgeous mountains. Therefore, it is only appropriate that we list three of the most jaw-dropping mountains in Switzerland.



Matterhorn is perhaps the most famous peak in all of Europe. The monster, triangular mountain, beckons mountaineers to climb its treacherous slope. If you would like to view Matterhorn’s summit without the treacherous, potentially fatal climb – you can book a sightseeing flight around Matterhorn. This marvelous helicopter ride will allow you a jaw-dropping view of Matterhorn and it’s neighboring mountains. Since the hike of Matterhorn is ambitious and treacherous, there are a number of smaller hikes that nearly anyone can tackle.




Standing 3,454 meters above sea level is the remarkable, Jungfrau. The rugged glacier will pull you into her icy presence. Furthermore, if the idea of climbing one of the tallest peaks in Europe is a little too daunting, you can take a cable car to her summit.  The mountain range has become a wonderful place of adventure, art, and discovery. Located in the middle of Jungfrau is her Ice Palace. The Ice Palace is a gorgeous exhibit created by mountaineers in the 1930s. Today, the exhibit holds magnificent art inspired by the glacier. Jungfrau is open nearly every day of the year for adventure.



Located in central Switzerland (near the charming, romantic city of Lucerne) is Mount Rigi. Rigi offers miles of scenic hiking trails coupled with gourmet wellness centers. On Mount Rigi you can choose to relax in mineral baths or climb slippery slopes. Hit the ski range for an unforgettable skiing or play with the kids on a sled run. There are a mountain of possibilities awaiting you and your family on Mount Rigi.



Switzerland’s alps are made for exploration. If you are visiting the small, mountainous country ensure you take time to discover the mountains – a defining trait of Switzerland.


Source: On Top of Europe: Exploring the Swiss Alps | Must Do Travels