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You Can Now ‘Starbathe’ Under The Northern Lights in Your Swimsuit

Geothermal hot springs are one of nature’s best spa treatments. But in Yukon, Canada, hot springs can do more than make you beautiful. They can offer you a once in a lifetime experience. What is it, you wonder? Strip off your Woolrich coat, don a Vix bikini, and bask beneath the Northern Lights.

The beauty benefits of hot springs are largely due to the minerals contained in the springs themselves: Magnesium can clear your complexion and potassium eliminates toxins to promote a healthy glow all around. Geothermal hot springs usually look like this:

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However, at the The Takhini Hot Pools in Whitehorse, near the bitter cold tundra, you can enjoy the beauty benefits of hot springs and experience an extraordinary luxury.

Courtesy of Takhini Hot Pools

During freezing temperatures, the water of the hot springs at the Takhini Hot Pools varies between 36 and 42 degrees Celsius (96.8 and 107.6 Farenheit). If that isn’t enticing enough, because of the lack of pollution in the Yukon tundra, you can get a prime view of the Northern Lights.

Courtesy of Takhini Hot Pools

If you’re planning a winter getaway, bear in mind that at the Takhini Hot Pools, guests can view Northern Lights from the hot springs from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. daily. Talk about a natural and luxe spa treatment. Who needs an LED facial when you’ve got the Northern Lights? This is one pampering spa treatment for those who have tried everything on the market, and are looking for nature’s bounty for that extra-special spa experience.

Leaving the Yukon tundra with flawless skin isn’t too bad either.

Courtesy of Takhini Hot Pools

By Jill Di Donato

Source: You Can Now ‘Starbathe’ Under The Northern Lights in Your Swimsuit